Red Cross Month Volunteer Spotlight: Al West and Ila Shapiro

We are proud to recognize Al West and Ila Shapiro for their long-time dedication and service to  American Red Cross in the Lowcountry.

Al West: Carolina Lowcountry Chapter

Al West Picture

Al West is every chapter’s dream volunteer! Al is an active member of the Community Disaster Education Team, Disaster Action Team and Logistics Team.  Al is also a Warehousing Lead and an Emergency Response driver. He deployed on national Red Cross disaster relief operations like Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Isaac and twice for Superstorm Sandy. He assists with our fundraising events where he can paint a humanitarian picture of  Red Cross assistance by sharing his experience with deployment and of providing casework to local victims of home fires. He always has a smile on his face and has a true heart for the Red Cross.

Ila Shapiro: Palmetto Service Center

Every disaster volunteer in the Palmetto Service Center knows Ila Shapiro. As Disaster Volunteer Coordinator and Disaster Services Placement and Retention Team Lead,  Ila meets with every new volunteer to assess their interests and skills to ensure they are placed where they fit best in the Red Cross. She is also a member of the Disaster Action Team,  Community Disaster Education Team and the Volunteer Reception Center. She is thoroughly engaged in our volunteer database management system, Volunteer Connection, and is motivating volunteers to log on and start communicating. She deployed numerous volunteers during Superstorm Sandy. Ila is appreciated every single day.

If you’re interested in becoming a Red Cross volunteer, please visit or contact your local Red Cross chapter.

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