Red Cross Aids Over 150 First Responders at Recycling Plant Fire

The American Red Cross provided water, snacks and meals for two and half days to over 150 first responders dispatched to contain a massive industrial fire at the World Wide Recycling Center in Cayce, SC.

Smoke engulfs the skies as first responders extinguish the blaze.

The fire began on the morning of Friday, June 29 when pallets outside the facility were ignited.  The flames then spread to the building sending plumes of dark smoke spiraling skyward.  

First responders remained on site for three days to secure the site.

Approximately 30 fire departments and emergency agencies from throughout South Carolina responded to the fire.

During the time of the blaze, there was a record breaking heat wave of up to 105 degrees.   Still, first responders worked diligently to contain and extinguish the fire, as 20 Red Cross volunteers provided them with much needed nourishment.  One Red Cross mobile feeding trucks and two other response vehichles were stationed at the site to ensure basic food and hydration needs were met. In total, Red Cross volunteers served 502 meals and 1,155 snacks. 

Red Cross volunteers arrived on the scene with provisions for First Responders.

502 meals and 1,155 snacks were provided during this response.

You can help with the recover from disasters like this one by making a financial contribution to the American Red Cross today by clicking here or by calling (803) 540-1241.  Donations may also be mailed to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 91, Columbia, SC, 29202.

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