Vote for the Red Cross Today!


On June 1st, Aiken Allegra Printing began its annual Footprint Fund voting, and the Red Cross needs your help! 

Allegra offers non-profit organizations the opportunity to vote online for their favorite charity in order to compete for a printing grant. Last year the Aiken County Chapter received a $500 grant, but I know we can do better this year.

This free printing would help tremendously throughout our fiscal year, so we are asking each of you to go online no later than Friday,  JUNE 22nd and vote for the American Red Cross Aiken County Chapter.

Each person can only vote ONCE  between June 1st and June 22nd from each computer, I-Pad or smart phone.  However, we ask that if you have multiple devices that you make sure you’ve voted once from each of them.  It only takes a minute!

As of June 18th, we only have 163 votes and the leading group has 524 votes.  We need all the support that we can get!!  Please also share this information with all of your friends and co-workers and ask them to vote once from each of their devices. 

 Thanks for your support!!

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