Volunteers recognized for their outstanding service to the Red Cross

On June 5th, the Coastal South Carolina Chapter of the American Red Cross hosted a volunteer recognition dinner to honor the dedicated volunteers that support the many services of the Red Cross.  We are very grateful for their commitment to the Red Cross mission! 

Here are  two of our award recipients…

Alicia Thompson joined the Red Cross family officially in July of 2011,  but became family while living in New Orleans during Katrina.  She had not one but two Red Cross stories to tell – that of Katrina and then of her family members fire. 

She jumped right in to being an active Board of Director member, joined the Heroes Committee and Red Cross Rescue Racers Team – securing the Co-Presenting sponsor of the Team.  She went to schools, encouraging youth to become involved.  She graciously stepped in when the guest speaker at a major event, neglected to appear.  She had the audience spell bound as she shared her personal story and belief in the Red Cross. 

That still wasn’t enough for her, she continued to talk to everyone she knew about the Red Cross.  From that she has developed a program for young and young at heart professionals through a partnership with the Market Common.  This highly organized structured program is the first of its kind and likely to be a model for the Region and Division.  Club Red will be kicking off at the end of June with its first activity at Gordon Bierch.  

All of this while being a litigator with McNair Law firm and soon to be new mom! 

Ralph McAteer has been volunteering with the Red Cross since 2007.  Ralph was deployed on over 20 national disaster relief operations, five of which took place in 2011.  He also served as the Chapter’s Mass Care Leader, provided assistance to the State Coordinating Team, mentored and coached volunteers and employees in the art of serving our clients – whether local or on the national level. 

This year he was selected to serve as a National Fleet Operations Manager, responsible for Emergency Response Vehicles in North Carolina and Virginia.  He continues to share his wealth of experience and knowledge with disaster responders.  Thank you Ralph McAteer for your demonstrated exceptional leadership ability and outstanding dedication to the Coastal South Carolina Chapter and mission of the Red Cross!

Here is a full list of award recipients…

  • Special Citation for Exceptional Volunteer Service – Ruth Favorat
  • Volunteer Rookie of the Year – Thomas Nace, Alicia Thompson and Patricia Shama
  • Special Citation for Exceptional Volunteer Service  – Richard Aylingand Francine Lazard Ayling
  • Volunteer Leadership Award  – John “Ralph” McAteer
  • Extraordinary Volunteer Commitment Award   – Kathleen Sipler
  • The Clara Barton Honor Award – Deborah Kostic
  • Erma Rosen Volunteer of the Year Award – Robert Hawkins
  • Board Members completing terms – Jackie Welker, Patty Speir, Julian “Duke” Brown and  Arthur P. Roehrl

Volunteers are the heart beat of the Red Cross.   In fact, 98 percent of our workforce is made of up volunteers!  We couldn’t do what we do in the our community 365-days a year without their support.  Thank you to every volunteer for giving their time, and most importantly, their heart to the Red Cross!

If you would like to become a Red Cross volunteer, please contact our Regional Volunteer Manager, Katharine Stafford at 803-540-1242 or at katharine.stafford@redcross.org.

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