Update on little Madeline

Remember the post we did a few days ago about Madeline?  She’s a little girl who relies on regular blood transfusions as she battled cancer.

We are THRILLED to report:

Recent scans have concluded that Madeline is now cancer free!!!

Madeline Richardson was diagnosed on January 13, 2011, with Stage 4—the most advanced stage—of neuroblastoma.  Battling Stage 4 of neuroblastoma became top priority for Madeline and her family.

Madeline spent much of her time undergoing treatment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  When Madeline’s red blood cell count became dangerously low after her first round of chemotherapy, she relied on the blood of volunteer donors to replenish her supply.  Carol Richardson, Madeline’s mother, was touched to see the bag that held the blood her daughter needed:

“It was just so amazing to see those words up there that said ‘volunteer donor.’ To know that someone I don’t even know has done this for my daughter is just amazing.  You want to say thank you.  You want to find out, who is that person, and reach out and show them what a difference they made in your life and your daughter’s life.”

Madeline had also benefited from donated blood during apheresis, a process where her blood is drawn out into a machine that extracts her stem cells (and cleans them and sets them aside for later use) and returns the rest of her blood to her body. Because Madeline could not afford to lose the amount of blood that was needed to begin the procedure, volunteer blood was used to “prime the lines.”

Madeline has received more than 40 blood transfusions, which helped to continue treatment.

Along with an optimism that’s bright like the sun, it was the combined efforts of Madeline, her family, her doctors, and the many other people who support her, including volunteer blood donors, that restored the brightness in Madeline’s life.

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion. You can help by giving blood.

redcrossblood.org | 1-800-RE D CROSS | 1-800-733-2767

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