Give Something That Means Something This Holiday Season


The holiday season is just around the corner and this year we are urging people to give something that means something by donating to the Red Cross and helping those in need.

We have just launched our annual  holiday fundraising campaign, and we ask that everyone visits to make a donation in the name of the people on their gift list this year.  Their donation can help provide food and shelter to a victim of disaster, help purchase things like phone cards and supplies for a member of the armed forces, or help supply basic necessities to families in desperate need in countries across the world.

Everyone is invited to browse through the Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog and view symbolic gifts they can “purchase” for, or in honor of, a loved one – things like infant care kits for babies in emergency shelters, comfort kits for wounded warriors, or water containers used when natural disasters disrupt a community’s water supply overseas.

People can give a gift that provides relief and support to those in need – when they need it most – when fire destroys a neighbor’s home, when a patient needs blood, when disaster turns a child’s world upside down.  The country’s ongoing economic problems are causing more people to seek help from the Red Cross and other organizations at a time when it’s generally much more difficult to raise money.

We are working very hard to seek donations now so the Red Cross can provide help and hope when people need it most.

History has proven that Americans respond when people are in need.  We are encouraging people to be generous again this holiday season in their support of the American Red Cross.  It’s been a challenging year – from Japan, to Alabama and Joplin to Hurricane Irene.   These times remind us of what’s really important, and a gift to the Red Cross to help people facing their worst moments is a way to show the best of what our country can offer.

So this year don’t just buy “stuff” give back to your community by Giving gifts that really matter.  Visit our online Holiday Giving Catalog today.

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