Helping with Disasters Everyday

When the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan in March, folks in South Carolina gave generously. So did the folks in Joplin, Missouri.

Americans don’t just sit back and watch the horrific images on TV – they do something about it. When Joplin families were helping people suffering a half a world away in Japan, they had no idea that they would be the next ones to need our help.

Just weeks later, Joplin was struck by a devastating tornado. It was the kindness of those who saw the news coverage and were moved to help that made it possible for the American Red Cross to be there helping the tornado survivors.

It was a devastating spring storm season here in the U.S. After the deadly tornadoes in Joplin and Tuscaloosa, and flooding and wildfires across the country, we mobilized a massive Red Cross relief effort – including 3.1 million meals and snacks served, and more than 270 shelters opened providing 35,000 overnight stays in just the last 3 months alone.

Wherever disaster strikes, it is the generosity of caring neighbors that allows us to be there on the spot providing meals, shelter, essential supplies, medical care, and emotional support. We rely on these voluntary donations to continue to be there. Now, with forecasters expecting a busy hurricane season, the needs for readiness are heightened.

Will you help turn heartbreak into hope for someone in need? Please help now so that relief is immediate – by making a donation to the Red Cross:

Nobody ever thinks that they’re going to be the ones who need the American Red Cross. To most, disasters are just something we watch on the news. But when our neighbors need us – from Joplin to Japan – we’re there to help.

Because of caring individuals like you, together in this global movement, we’re making a difference down the street, across the country, and around the world.

Thank you for helping to make all our work possible,

American Red Cross

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