Red Cross Teaches Life-Saving Skills

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On March 18th we hosted a free training event called, “Gabrielle Giffords Honorary Save-a-Life Saturday,” to make sure that our community was prepared for emergency situations like the one that occurred inTucson,AZ.  These essential life-saving training overviews included hands-only CPR, controlling external bleeding and managing shock.

 The tragedy in Tucson is a reminder of the importance of making sure everyone has life-saving first aid and CPR training. As those events unfolded, several bystanders knew vital CPR and first aid skills, saving the lives of many victims, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

The lesson of the Tucson shooting is simple: we can all make our communities safer places by learning what to do when an emergency happens around us. Not every emergency is as large as the one inTucson, but it’s important to be ready for the ones that can happen at home, the office or at school. We all hope that Save-a-Life Saturday can go a long way in making our communities safer and raise awareness about the need for CPR and First Aid training

 To register for a class today, visit or call 803-540-1200.

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